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Kidz Bite Back against bad habits and junk food.

Fast and junk food, soda and video games - companies spend billions to promote their products to our kids. After all, they profit most when people consume what they are selling as often as possible. Instead of promoting moderation, they implement countless advertising methods to convince children to eat and drink more, watch TV and play the newest video games. Fourth - and fifth - graders understand the strategies behind how these businesses – dubbed Big Fat Industries and Couch Potato Companies – influence their behavior.

For example, through “Big Fat Confusion,” children learn how Big Fat Industries are misleading about the healthiness of their meals. Eating a hamburger and drinking a soda everyday are not healthy- even if it is served with apples.

Through "Big Fat Math," children and parents learn exactly how much it will take to burn off fast food. A 75-pound child will find out that it takes 8 hours and 55 minutes of walking to burn-off a burger with cheese! Adding fries and a soda to wash it down increases that time to more than 10 hours total of walking!

Letters to First Lady Obama

A parent from one participating school wrote: "It is not only kids that are confused by these ads, it's adults, too. Calorie amounts and distribution should be part of menus. If they have nothing to hide, it won't hurt. It will help the students and adults in America make more informed, and hopefully, more healthful choices."

Rachel, a student from another school, wrote: "Ever since these campaigns have gone out, I am on the way to a healthier me. I have been exercising, eating fruits and veggies and cutting the TV time. It was hard, but when I found out that every time I get a Kids Meal, I am putting over 500 calories in my body, it was easier to make healthier choices."

Another student wrote: "Dear Michelle Obama, You probably haven’t heard of Kidz Bite Back, but I’m going to tell you about it so you’ll know. Kidz Bite Back is a thing totally run by kids!
It’s kind of like a club that wants to make a difference in the world. Both healthy and environmentally. Kidz Bite Back has taught me how to stay healthy, and how to have a green thumb. Kidz Bite Back has affected me a lot. Like instead of me playing games all day, now I go out of the house and play baseball, basketball, kickball and more! I think the best thing about Kidz Bite Back is how they change a person so quickly - from couch potato to athlete."